What can we do, bottom up

Solutions for world society, 
bottom up - what each of us can do: learn, speak, demonstrate, act

From your home or computer

  1. Start or sign online petitions (Clicktivism 1.0)
    Be always aware, though, that "just" signing petitions does not have direct impact, because it is not real action and by itself not enough to change any laws or the world as it is, see the articles on clicktivism.org and the the Guardian. However, it does have an initial value to show commitment and spread the word. And in ocasions it does create those large lists of petition signers, that can indeed be useful as support. In any case, in the Real World deeds are still fundamental. 
  2. Clictivism 2.0
    However, there is a way to use your clicks to actually have direct impact in the Real World! In analogy of Democracy 2.0 and New World Order 2.0, it could be called Clictivism 2.0.
    This new Clicktivism would be a valid and tangible way to protest over the Internet against the exaggerated amount of senseless publicity that the corporations overload us with in their uncessant obsession to force their brands, products or services upon us. It can be applied to greatly reduce the impact and efficiency of that constant and oppressive attack of the advertisments, at least on the internet. (will be explained on independent page)

In your daily life and surrounding

Bank Secrecy, Tax Havens, "official" banks and other financial institutions, Wall Street and other stock markets, Multinational Corporations, Large Industry and Main Stream Media (all with their corresponding influence on politics and justice through bribery, corruption and manipulation) make up the current ruling fraudulent system and can be considered all part of the same package, now known as "the Markets". The fact that they are overpowering and omnipresent is (just) one of the things that bother the people. At the same time these same characteristics make it more easy to do something against them, or better said, to avoid them. Since they are interrelated, anything that anyone can do that reduces support of anyone of them helps erode that system, bottom up. 

More plainly it comes to: stop buying or using anything they promote or try to impose. In a practical sense it can be understood as: the more publicity is made for a product or a brand, the more we should avoid it. Simply invert the reaction they pretend to have.