The Independency Project believes it necessary to end the exagerated dependency of individual persons, small organizations and even governments, from those few merely result-oriented, greedy and profit-obsessed OWO type of corporations, that in the last decades have come to determine everybody's life on a global scale, while completely destroying society and the planet, as if it were just 'collateral damage'.




The all-econmpassing  financial, industrial and commercial elite is the culmination of an Old World Order (OWO), that sustains, in a corrupt way, a world mechanism based on full domination, unequal distribution of wealth and exploiting both natural as human resources, only to their own advantage. 

Following the thought of "Be the change you want to see in the world" the project wants to actively investigate the possibillities to reach a situation, where a considerable degree of independency from the current dominating and rulers can develop to a real option and OWO gradually erodes until becoming obsolete.

It is not by accident that this should coincide with a drastical reduction of the excessive wealth and power of the corrupt elites, to be distributed more evenly, while working on improvement of nature and environment at the same time.

Independency Project believes global priority to be: full abolition of Bank Secrecy & Tax Havens to eradicate large-scale corruption (institutional, corporate, criminal).


Goal and framework

  1. Nature first!
    Nature can survive without men, but men cannot survive without nature;
  2. End Bank Secrecy and Tax Havens (treasure islands)
    it's the cause of WARS, 'terrorism', trafficking of weapons, drugs, people and animals
    and the destruction of nature and global society.
  3. Regain independency from banks and corporations
    both in an individual as in a (small-scale) collective sense;
  4. Back to our roots
    Society got too far away from its natural roots,
    production and consumption should be brought closer together again:
    kitchen gardens, leave the cities, have children grow up closer to nature;
  5. Recovery!
    Sustainability might have been useful in the sixties,
    but now it's not enough anymore to just stop destroying
    we will need to recover to undo the harm we have done;
  6. End Programmed Obsolescense 
    Since Philips and the light-bulb-kartel decided for a maximum of 1,000 hours of life cycle, more and more consumer product have been designed and produced with an artificial maximum life time goal;
  7. End Copy Rights and Patents
    Or at least reduce monopolitic use to a temporary duration, like 10 years,
    artistic and scientific creativity should be common good, not monopolized only for profit.
  8. GO non-profit!
    Shift away from Corporations and move to Cooperatives and Foundations
  9. Maximum wage!
    Instead of nitwitting so much about ten or twenty percent on minimum wage,
    let's introduce MAXIMUM WAGE, not in absolute numbers, but relative to that minimum wage.
    MAX wage = 12x MIN wage, should be enough,
    so some people can earn in a month the same as others in a year, but not a penny more!
  10. 100% VAT on PUBLICITY!
    More specifically the publicity on MSM (TV & commercial newspapers/magazines)
    This way Corporations contribute back to society just as much as they 'invest' to force their products and services (frequently unnecessary) upon you and me.
    Also it helps to compensate the taxes they don't pay and hide on Tax Havens (see point 2)


More independency from: 

  1. Banks and other financial institutions

    • End Bank Secrecy & Tax Havens;
    • End, reduce or at least tax financial transactions (Tobin Tax);
    • Money and economy have to be turned back to what they were originally: a means, not a goal;
    • Stock exchange has to be turned back its original goal: financial support for companies, not for speculation;
    • Alternative (ethic?) banks
    • Alternative money (exchange) systems
    • Organizations, movements and personalities already supporting this thought: www.taxjustice.netwww.attac.org15M, Movimento 5 Stelle, Anonymous, Occupy, DRY, Stopdesahucios, PAH, Eva Joly, Stéphane Hessel...
  2. Large Industry/Corporations
    • Bring production and consumption back closer together again,
    • Reduction and decentralization of production, communication, commercial and financial flows;
  3. Publicity and advertising 
    • Increase the costs - selectively higher VAT: 100% (for companies on stock market/fortune 500),
    • Decrease presence - it has NO added value for society, on the contrary,
    • Decrease impact - more on function, less on emotion ("become popular/loved owning our product");
  4. Activism and Actions
    • NGOs,
    • Prostests and demonstrations,
    • Clictivism over the internet: petitions and other actions.

More independency for:

  1. Education & Politics
    • Educate and govern for a better society, not just for more profit;
    • Get closer to nature and the origin of natural things (food, life!).
      Grow up out of the city (up to 8 - 12) with less "things" and more nature! 
    • Depend less on corporate production and distribution, specially food and clothes.
      Teach children and people to be more selfsucient, independently or in networks of smaller cooporations.
  2. Health
    • Hospitals and laboratories for health, not for profit.
  3. Science
    • Limited patent and copy-right (e.g. 10 years) to avoid long-term monopolies and have knowledge publicly available for society
      (How would humanity have developed if "the wheel" would have been patented by General Motors, or "print" by Apple?)
    • Clean and possibly free energy:
      - recover and investigate all the free energy engine myths (Tesla!),
      - fusion: ITER.
  4. Main Stream Media
    • Should become independent from "the markets",
    • Zero censorship,
    • More information, less distraction;
  5. Employment
    • Introduce Maximum salaries by LAW!
      Objective: nobody to earn 12 times more than anyone else, so that earning in a month the same money as someone else in a year be the maximum wage difference between two people.
      This would need a 'soft' introduction, starting for example with a max difference of 100x within one company, to be slowly extended;
    • If unemployed, 
      possibility to engage in recovery (un-destruction) of nature: reforest, clean oceans, recycle...



Reply to posts:


Collective Evolution

To be somewhat pragmatic... 

Before we can even start to think of evolving towards this next level of humanity, in the collective sense, holistic, the 'we are one', we first have to *break free* from the chains of the ruling elites (the 1%) that bind us and through which they control the actions and even thoughts of many people (most even without being even aware).

Basically the chains are money and the economic system, more specifically: the CORRUPT money and economic system, that lead to war, crime, violation of human rights and destruction of nature and environment.

That CORRUPT system is sustained by the existence of TAX HAVENS (25 - 30% of world capital/resources are hidden there).   First we have to BRING DOWN the TAX HAVENS to eliminate the "secret" source of power of the dominating elite and reduce their influence on mind and matter, before the whole (majority) of humanity can really be and feel free to evolve to that next stage.

The real awakening will start to emerge once global awareness and the public opinion become convinced and strong enough to turn over that hidden, secondary, corrupt financial system. If not, "they" will maintain enough power to keep manipulating the minds of the masses, as they have been doing for centuries.

What the world (public opinion, governments, corporations) needs now, is to hear this ONE united and constant demand, that should sound as ONE sole voice without ceasing until TAX HAVENS have totally and definitely disappeared indeed.

And this can *EASILY* be achieved if only **ALL** NGOs (greenpeace, WWF, HRW; Amnesty Int. , Docters without Borders, etc) and Activism and Movements (YOU, Occupy; ATTAC, 15M, M5S, pirate parties, "slow", etc.) would just ALWAYS include the demand to END TAX HAVENS in all their communications, protests and manifestations, additional to their own particular demands. 

Because all of the symptoms they (YOU) are fighting in a scattered way, are mere consequences of the ONE same disease (institutional and corporate corruption, sustained by tax havens). When you ALL start Including this one claim you would be addressing and attacking the WORLD'S MAIN PROBLEM in a united and a never ending way.

Just imagine each and every Protest, Demonstration, Action, Leaflet, Website, Blog... on earth constantly demanding the end of Tax Havens. That would be the start of the end of the dominating "Old World Order", crumbling down until making way for the real awakening!

I am just one small, individual world citizen and my impact is about zero. But since I'm convinced this is the way, I have been posting this view since some 2 years ago and will increasingly continue doing so until the existing collective movements of the world really start to UNITE for this one and only global priority and we all can reach INDEPENDENCY from the ruling elites.