3 - A New World Order (2.0)


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The "New World Order" and the conspiracy confusion

According to most sources, the term New World Order would correspond to those global conspiracy theories, that talk about some secretive power elites, that have a "global agenda" and the intention to rule the world through an authoritarian world government. Duhh!

It is more than obvious that some Bushes crave this, or some Goldmen Suckers or Nonsantos or any of those selfish, short-sighted minds from the greedy, hypocrite, money & profit-oriented OLD World Order *, but we definitely do not think that they, the existing elites, taking even more (in fact, full) control can be considered anything 'NEW' to begin with, let alone a 'New World Order'. In any case it would be only a next step of that same retarded OLD World Order, within the existing path they supposedly are already following towards full world domination.

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