Modern Industry is self-destructive 'Progress'

Modern 'Progress' as brought about by the profit-obsessed Corporations and Large Industry, with their insatiable need to always produce and sell more, has led society not only to:

corruption, war, crime, violation of human rights, poverty, famine, disease, enslavement of populations, contamination of environment, deforestation, extinction of species, destruction of nature and global warming,

but also to:

competetive possession-and-consumption-obsessed individuals and a morally and ethicly degraded society.

The degradation of society by productionism and publicity is excelently exposed in the Spanish documentary: Consume hasta Morir (Consume until you die.)

Large Industry dominates the world nowadays.
Supported and stimulated by
Tax Havens, banks and stock exchange, on one hand, they exert pressure on governments, while, on the other hand, they manipulate the 'ordinary' citizens through Main Stream Media (MSM). Thanks to this double grip, multinational corporations determine how the world works.

However, the only thing large industry really has achieved is to bring 'progress' or 'wealth' to a (minor) part of the world, only by the 'grace' of exploiting and destroying another (greater) part of the world - both in a geographical as human (number of people) sense.

Just a handful of giant international corporations dominate over each strategic sector like energy, transport, communications, food, clothing, health, consumer goods and specially, covering of it all, the financial sector. These sectors work together to impose their ways upon world society through lobbying at the highest level for favorable laws, while manipulating at the lower levels through publicity and other triggers to convert the "masses" in uncritical non-thinking consumers, while exploiting the workers, exhausting natural resources and slowly destroying the planet.

HOME - or how industry is destroying the planet only for 'PROFIT'

Industrial corporations always only want to maximize sales and consumption, even if this means more extraction, production and disposal in an endless spiral of, respectively, depleting natural resources, exploiting human resources and accumulating an ever growing global pile of waste.

The artificially induced, exaggerated consumption, which is fully integrated in 'modern' daily life, finds its origin in the greed of corporations and banks for power and money, which is additionally stimulated by the existence of Tax Havens. These Treasure Islands allow them to greatly avoid taxes and secretly stow away the enourmous amounts of money in pure personal benefit, instead of having the rightful part flow back into society, that allows them to exist in the first place, for general interest. 


Industry's tricks - Main Stream Media (MSM) and Publicity

Industry's, MSM's and publicity's only interest is to have you feel as unhappy as possible with what you have (subliminally meaning "who you are") so that you continuously keep buying new 'stuff' in an induced attempt to appease that uncomforting feeling, thus creating new sales and profit for the corporations. All means are valid to have you believe you want or need to buy and consume as much and as soon as possible. This is, of course, most explicitely y expressed in publicity, that specifically pinpoints certain products or brands, while other MSM emissions express general assumptions in a more generic and implicit way, like you 'have to' follow fashion, travel often and far, own and use at least 50% of all latest tecnology and machinery and so on. 


Industry's tricks - Planned Obsolescence

One of Industry's tricks to artifically induce and increase consumption, is designing and producing in such a way that products stop working or break faster then really necessary. This tactic is called Planned Obsolescence and is exposed in yet another excellent spanish/french documentary, known in english as Pyramids of Waste, AKA The Lightbulb Conspiracy - spanish title: Comprar, tirar, comprar (Buy, throw away, buy)


Industry's tricks - Perceived Obsolescence: Fashion!

As if this were not enough, additional to Planned Obsolescense there is also Perceived Obsolescense which is nothing else but the driving force behind everything 'Fashion'. So products are not only designed and produced to break/stop working and be thrown away as soon as commercially acceptable, but great effort is also put in making people THINK that a product is not 'valid' anymore and have them feel that, for no apparent reason, it needs to be substituted, even if it still fully complies with it's original function. This psycological conditioning is, of course, the work of Main Stream Media and more specifically advertising and publicity. 



The Corporation
Great documentary with clear references, about how multinationals, knowingly and willingly, cause severe damage to the health of people, society, environment and nature (additional to the damage to global finance and economy, due to first concentrating and then hiding on Treasure Islands, the mayor share of the world's capital).
- "Industry is largely responsable for this overwhelming epidemic of cancer"
- "Every living system of earth is in decline"  
- "The typical company of the 20th century extracted waistfull, abusive, linear... Taking from the earth..."

Here we had the "The Corporation" video, but it seems to have "disappeared" from Vimeo.


Monsanto, Roundup and GMOs

Monsanto 'deserves' its own paragraph and maybe chapter, because it might well be the most aggressive, unethical and destructive supercorporation of the world, destroying both environment and society without scrupules, only to increase their power and their profit (of course) just to satisfy their greed for both. Their insecticides and genetically altered crop destroys al other natural growth and ruins crops of others. Their highly invasive chemistry is supported by highly aggressive lawyers and lobbyists who turn justice into unjustice in their favor from the lowest to the highest scales of society. With their aggressive manners and aggressive products they are invading the whole planet putting into danger the survival of both small farmers as global natural balance in itself. 

The world according to Monsanto


David against Monsanto


More on the unhealthy food industry

Food Inc

Fast food Nation

Today's modern food: it's not what you think



Simple conclusion

People cannot and should neverfully depend on industry and technology, as humoristically illustrated in this video:

Le papier ne sera jamais mort (Paper will never die)


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Shadow industries

In the "official" lists under industry-types, there never seems to be any involved in production or traffic of arms, nor hard-drugs or sex while it's commonly assumed that the are the real biggest business in the world.