Awareness and Consciouness - another system is necessary and possible.

Each day more people become aware that 'the system' is wrong, fraudulent and corrupt. Specifally in the last years it is becoming ever more clear that the world is dominated by a small ruling elite of 1% that consists of bankers, speculators, corporate executives, politicians and other criminals without any scrupules, who only worry about their own wealth and staying in power in fraudulent ways. They don't care about leading both society as the planet to destruction in a dead end street, while attempting to cancel justice and transparency for the other 99%.

Fortunately on a global scale there is a constantly increasing awareness, that it is urgent to do something to avoid Old World Order leading us to total collapse of society or the planet or both, and it is expressed in many ways by Non Governmental Organizations, Protests, Actvism and a growing number of other movements, that all focus on ways to compensate, improve or directly change the existing social system (in fact, it is social at all, just economic and purely profit-driven).

This social awareness only needs to reach it's critical mass for a true (r)evolutionairy change to happen in the currently dominating, but rotten, global system - exagerated profit for just a few, thanks to overexploiting human and natural resources.

This section means to compile individual and collective iniciatives, frequently disperse, to increase it's necessary promotion and hopefully cohesion and unity.

It really is just a matter, for the whole of these movements, to reach their critical mass (which not necessaraly means a majority) and knowing to aim their efforts unitedly against those corruption mechanisms that allow and encourage most global crimes and injustice.

For Independency Project the priorities are clear:

  1. Nature first!
  2. Full eradication of Tax Havens.
  3. VAT 100% on TV commercials.
  4. From Corporations to Cooperatives.
  5. Introduction of maximum wage.
  6. Raise and educate for society, not for profit.
  7. Use of hemp for alternative materials on many levels.
  8. Elimination/reduction of arms posession and trade, both illegal as legal. 
    It seems 60 countries have signed some first official "pact", let's hope it is more succesful than the Kyoto Protocol.

Under Global Solutions each of the point is shortly introduced, most with a link to a more detailed page.


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