Black Money = Blood Money

The existence of Treasure Islands brings to life the concept of BLACK Money. That is, the real BLACK money, not the small-scale blackish money some bartender or little shop owner does not declare to make a bit extra for his daily life and hides under the matrass, but the large-scale BLACK Money from trafficking with weapons, drugs and people or that is used in major bribery of politicians, judges and other authorities. This real BLACK Money goes in such vast amounts that matrasses would not be big enough to hold it. This BLACK Money goes by the millions and NEEDS of Treasure Islands to be managed. It is this BLACK Money that sustains and stimulates the large-scale Corruption that artificially keeps wars going or start them, maintains dictators in their seats against democratic freedom, finances terrorism, organized crime and that allows corporations and countries to skip international laws and treaties.

This BLACK Money is simply BLOOD Money

The Black Money documentary investigates the shadowy side of international business, shedding light on multinational companies that have routinely made secret payments often referred to as "black money" to win billions in business. The Guardian reporter David Leigh reveals how he helped uncover one of the biggest and most complicated cases currently under investigation - a story involving a British aerospace giant, the Saudi royal family, and an $80 billion international arms deal known as "The Dove". (comment at

Black Money documentary

For anyone who doubts how far the rabbit hole goes as far as unlimited corruption in the world then please view this excellent documentary.